quinta-feira, janeiro 06, 2011

todos os eus e mais alguns - parte XIII

- It wasn`t meant to be. Me and her. You know. We... what?
- Your telling me this cause you wanna convince yourself, convince me, us two or you are just making a conversation.
- Yep.
- ??
- Yes. All that and stuff.
- ...
- And, you know what, we didn`t even have a song.
- Sorry, what?
- Like, a song, you know, that would remind us us, together, a couple... Well, you know, a song...
- Yeah yeah I get it I get it. Let me tell you something, man: this thing, having a song and stuff, is completely overrated.
- Dude...
- Yeah, trust me. Completely.
- Dude, I`ve been here for two hours and whenever I say something was lacking in my marriage you come with this "completely overrated" stuff. C`mon! Everything is overrated?
- No...
- So...?
- Well...
- Waiting...
- Like...
- ... see...?
- No, I mean... sex. Sex is important.
- Ok. You, me and six bilion people know that.
- Magic.
- ??
- Yeap. Magic, you know, a little magic going on. Like something bonding you two, something mysterious, inexplicable, something you just can't understand but it's there. Magic.
- Yep. Magic and love, together. That's gay, dude. Ok, gay version of Gandalf, I'll buy it. That's two. Sex, magic. Carry on.
- Well, you know... maybe... sugar.
- What??
- Yeah, sugar. Some tenderness, some sugar, you know. Something sweet and...
- Wait. Wait. You are not...? No, I can`t believe it. Are you quoting Red Hot Chili Peppers song? Is that it? Oh no! What were you gonna say next, blood?
- Well, if you're into some S&M...

(to be continued)
(thanks for keep waiting)
(next posts in portuguese)


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Legal, mas por que em inglês?

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